Especially in a world that says you have to constantly hustle and work nonstop. I firmly believe that you HAVE to make time for rest and for vacations. I would go crazy if I just worked and worked and worked.

I know because I've done it. More times than I’d liked to admit. It can be hard to say no to work and easy to end up overworking yourself. I’ve learned that I need to work less and make sure I make time for FUN and community!

I'm a huge Advocate OF rest.

Oahu, Hawaii

check in and styled welcome dinner at 7:00pm

relaxing morning and outing to see and experience Oahu! End with sunset elopement styled shoot and casual couple!

mid day couples shoot to capture the BLUES of the hawaii beaches! Then sunset adventure elopement!

Boat day!! This boat takes us to swim with DOLPHINS and turtles! Also will have a couple for a bonus shoot on the boat! 

check out :(


where are we staying?

Price: $2400 (SOLD OUT)

Okayyyyy but how much for ALL OF THAT? 

- your flight
- transportation (rental car or turo is needed to get around the island but cheap if you split one!)
- any excursions you choose to do (OTHER than our boat outing) 
- Lunches! On your own for lunches so you can grab food around Oahu while exploring!


- all breakfasts and dinners! 
- 4 night, 5 day stay at our  amazing Airbnb
- 5 incredible shoots (2 styled elopements and 3 casual couple shoots)
- travel brochure of tons of things to do in the area (since i live on oahu I'll tell you alllll the good spot!)
- boat snorkel day
- hang outs, hikes, and beach days together to experience hawaii!!


join waitlist below!

I wanna see the mood boards for the shoots!!

Do you have payment plans?

No worries, here’s some faq for you! 

I have more questions!!

Yes! We can do anything from 1-5 payments!! Whatever works best! 

How many spots are available?

10 spots!!

Will I get my own bed? 

Some people will! The Airbnb is a mix of queen beds and single beds so we will draw names when we get there to see who will be where.

What are the covid rules?

No rules/travel restrictions in hawaii anymore!

What if I have allergies? 

I’ll be sending out a questionnaire so that we can accommodate any allergies!

What if I end up not being able to come? Can I get a refund?

This retreat is non-refundable but you can sell your ticket! 

When does Black Friday price end?

It is ONLY for Friday November 25-Monday November 28!


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