Hey There!

I want to be more than just a vendor at your wedding! On wedding days I’m typically like a second maid of honor! From holding your dress, carrying your bouquet, checking for lipstick smudges on your teeth, staying on top of your timeline, and doing whatever else I can do to make your day as stress free as possible! You need coffee morning of the wedding? I got you. Oh and I’ll for sure be crying along with you as you say your vows and will definitely be constantly telling you guys how stunning you look. 😉Sound good?

your new favorite third wheel
First off, my name is Valory Evalyn and I am a traveling wedding + elopement + couples photographer! I’m based out of Redding, California but alwaysssss traveling! Just a few things that make me come alive are adventure, mountains, the ocean, chipotle, and rewatching the same show too many times haha!


Valory met me and my husband on probably the most hectic day of our lives. I am a very reserved person, and I’m frankly camera shy, so an entire day spent in front of people and cameras had me feeling like a deer in headlights. But Valory was so good at directing us and giving us little things to do to make us feel more comfortable and to get our minds off of being in front of the camera. She was so sweet, flexible, and understanding, and it shows through her work. Our photos are truly spectacular and we couldn’t be happier with them.

Katy + Westin

San Luis Obispo, California


Valory is amazing and so much fun to work with!! She really spent time on the drive to the location getting to know us and listening to all our stories. I believe it’s important for your photographer to be familiar with you so that they can better capture the truest essence of who you and your partner are together. And that’s exactly what she did. We’ve worked with Valory twice now and both times she’s delivered incredible work! We felt comfortable during the whole experience and knew we could trust her to not only lead us into great shots - but also to catch all the in-between moments that are equally important! Our second shoot with her was actually a re-do if our wedding photos. And oh man! When I got the photos back I was over the moon! Every shot was gold. The photos were literally a dream come true. The lighting and editing was impeccable and she delivered them in a timely fashion.

Sasha + Barry

Redwoods, California


Valory is beyond talented! My (now) husband and I found her and once we saw her photos we never looked back. We both feel so awkward having our picture taken so having someone like Valory who made us feel so comfortable was important. She really lightened the mood and created a fun environment for us for our engagement shoot. As soon as we received our photos, we were amazed and knew we made the right choice for our wedding photographer. She’s ridiculously talented, creative and kind. We’ve only received our sneak peek so far from our wedding and we were already blown away. If you’re thinking about booking her.. do it! You won’t regret it.

Nicole + Dennis

Shasta Lake, California