Kualoa Mountains Adventure Couples Shoot | Oahu, HI

Adventure Couples Session
Adventure Couples Session in the Kualoa Mountain Range on Oahu

Adventure Couples Session in Hawaii

Mersadi and Jay are a married couple who wanted to do an adventure couples session, just for fun! They are photographers too, and know how great it is to keep getting photos done after you’re married. Here’s their Instagram. Engagements and weddings don’t have to be the only time you get nice photos together! It’s so special to do an anniversary session, whether it’s been one year or 30 years. It helps you reminisce on all the times you’ve had together, show how far you’ve come, and rekindle your spark again! It’s also important to plan “just because” photoshoots. It could be an adventure couples shoot like this one where you get epic photos while also having an amazing experience. Going on a vacation to a gorgeous place is a great excuse for that. You will have those photos to look back on forever!

Permits for Beach Sessions

When you think of Hawaii, gorgeous beaches and ocean views are probably what come to mind first. But before you get set on a specific beach location for a photoshoot, remember that you’ll need a permit! With the law recently passed that bans professional photography in Hawaii without a permit, the locations you can choose from are more limited. But here you can find a list of all the spots you can get a permit for. And there are still so many good ones!

If you’re open to a spot that’s not right on the coast then you don’t need to worry about a permit. Oahu has so many incredible spots in the mountains, like this one in the Kualoa Mountain Range. Or you can go to a waterfall! Especially if you want to do an adventure couples session, going on any of the amazing hikes on Oahu is the perfect setting.

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