Intimate Oahu Elopement at Makapu’u Point | Oahu, HI

Intimate Hawaiian Elopement
Elopement on a secluded beach in Oahu, HI

Oahu Elopement

This dreamy Oahu elopement was in such a cool location! And I’m so glad I got to do a shoot there when I did, because they signed a new bill making it illegal to do photoshoots here anymore. This spot is Makapu’u Point on the Island of Oahu. It’s on the southeastern tip of the island, is easy to get to, and a great place to stop and take photos at on a coastal drive! Unfortunately, bill 38 banned any professional photo shoots at public beaches on East Oahu from Makapu’u to Waimānalo. But thankfully there are still so many other amazing locations on the island that you can choose from! However, now you’ll have to get a permit to do a photoshoot on Oahu. And you can only pick from places that are on their approved list. Whether it’s an adventure couples session, a maternity or family shoot, or an elopement like this one, you’ll need a permit.

Getting a Permit

It’s definitely a bummer that I can’t do photoshoots at certain places like Makapu’u Point anymore. And having to get a permit for shoots makes things more complicated. But I’m thankful that they’ve created a pretty easy process for getting them. Here you can find a link that has a list of all the places you can get a permit for. China Walls is a great spot if you want photos on a rocky coast. Halona Beach is another beautiful location that is in a cove with turquoise water surrounded by rocky cliffs. It was even used for a romantic beach scene in a 1950’s Hollywood movie, so it’s perfect for a romantic couples shoot or elopement! And if you want that classic Hawaiian beach vibe, with white sand and gorgeous ocean views with islands in the distance, Lanikai Beach is one of my favorites.

Here are some helpful things to know when you’re going to get a permit for your Oahu elopement:

  • The fee will depend on how big of an area you’re wanting access to; the fee is 10 cents per square foot.
  • A permit is only good for two hours, so plan your time well!
  • You will have to get liability insurance for the photoshoot
  • You typically won’t be able to have more than 25 people without special approval
  • You can’t reserve a spot; the public will still have access to the site you get a permit for. And multiple other people could get a permit for the same time and place as you.

Here’s a full FAQ page with all the info you need to know to get a permit!

Intimate Hawaiian Elopement at Makapu'u Point, Oahu

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