Elopement in Prairie Creek Redwoods SP | Orick, CA

Sunset Wedding Portraits
Intimate Elopement in the California Redwoods

Elopement on the California Coast

Jess and Lance had the most magical elopement day on the California Coast! We started out with a first look in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. It’s a beautiful spot in Orick, CA, just half an hour north of Trinidad. It has some very impressive Redwood groves and trails, and a nice beach. Fern Canyon is another cool spot in the park. It has a beautiful gorge with walls covered in ferns and a stream running through it. It’s such a unique spot!

After their first look, we headed over to Fern Canyon where they read their vows and exchanged rings. While lots of people invite a few close friends and family to attend their elopement, Jess and Lance decided to do it the old fashioned way. They didn’t have any family or friends, or even a minister! It was just them and their two dogs. Finally, to end the day we drove back south to Trinidad State Beach. We got some amazing photos overlooking the ocean and they shared champagne on the beach. Then at the very end they ran into the water for some fun “trash the dress” photos!

Why They Chose to Elope

This elopement in Fern canyon was so perfect, but it wasn’t originally what Jess and Lance had in mind. Get married in Costa Rica was the original plan. But when Covid shut travel down, they had to think of something else. They decided to plan a scenic wedding in the mountains of Colorado, but then that plan changed too.

“I wasn’t even planning a big wedding (30 people max in Colorado or somewhere else scenic like that), and I was still overwhelmed and stressed with every little thing. It took a week. One week. That’s it, and I was done. I came across a website talking about adventure elopements, and I was sold. The beautiful stories and intimacy that these couples experienced on their wedding days, the quirky little rituals they decided to do together, and of course, the epic beyond belief photos that came from their day. Every other option we had considered paled in comparison to it. We want this to be our uninfluenced day to celebrate each other, our love, and the crazy journey that has been the last year”

While big weddings can be amazing, they are a lot of work and stress. And so many couples lose sight of what’s really important! I loved that Jess and Lance decided to make their day so special and intimate. They were able to fully focus on celebrating their love and commitment to each other. It doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal. They just went on a vacation and got married. If you want a huge, extravagant, party wedding with all of your friends and family, do it! But if you want the most intimate, special day possible with your love, eloping could be a good option for you!

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