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Pismo Beach Sand Dunes

Pismo Beach is a city on the coast of Central California, close to San Luis Obispo. Like most of California’s coastal cities, it’s known for its gorgeous beaches!! But it has more than just beautiful ocean vistas. Just a few minutes south of town, you can find Oceano Dunes State Recreation Area. It is a huge area with miles and miles of sand dunes! It is so magical, and makes you feel like you’re in Morocco or the Sahara Desert! And much easier to get to for those of us who live on this side of the world. Here’s an article that tells you how to get there and the best areas to go to!

Picking a fun Photoshoot Location

Everyone wants to have beautiful engagement photos in an epic location. But when you look back at your photos, you’ll want them to feel like they represent you and your relationship well. The best photos come out of moments when you feel comfortable and confident! And a big part of that is picking a location that fits with the things you like to do. It could be somewhere that has a special meaning, or you’ve always wanted to go to. Or even just a place that you would naturally go to together. Do you love the beach? Then let’s find a gorgeous secluded beach. If you love hiking together, an adventurous mountain shoot could be perfect. And if you’ve always wanted to visit Morocco or feel like you’re in Aladdin, then the Pismo beach sand dunes could be your place!

Sav + Sven’s Story

This is what Sav sent me to give me an idea of what they’re like. You can see even just from this little snippet that their sand dunes photoshoot fit perfectly with their personalities and love of adventure! We were even able to include some shots of them with their dog and their camper van.

“A little about us- we met on bumble during the pandemic looking for someone who shared a love for Jesus and wanted a family and adventure buddy. But what we got was so much more! 😭 In our free time, you can find us cruising the coast in our VW camper van with our pup, surfing, or listening to the Dark Side of the Moon while eating ice cream because is there any other way? “

Make a Weekend out of it!

A great way to make it extra fun, is to not just go to the shoot and then go home, but to use it as an excuse for a little weekend getaway! Especially if you’re already wanting to pick a location that’s further from home, you might as well stay a night or two. That’ll help get you even more relaxed and in a romantic mood!

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