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Katie + Derek’s intimate elopement at Glacier Point in Yosemite was one I will never forget.  Yosemite National Park has ridiculously amazing spots for intimate elopements, but Glacier Point has to be near the top of the list of stunning locations.  This point got its name because it was formed as Yosemite’s magnificent glaciers were worn away over much time. The unique and striking slope has deeply weathered boulders, cobblers, and angular fragments that create an extremely majestic and romantic setting.

The Wedding

Katie + Derek flew all the way from New York to say their vows in this breathtaking location.  They were not disappointed!!  (Totally worth the trip if you ask me!)  After the SWEETEST first look and some adventuring, they exchanged their personal vows with Half Dome in the background. This granite ridge rises starkly from the valley below, and soars above strikingly beautiful views with an elevation of 2,694 meters or over 8,800 feet above sea level!!  It was the most spectacular vista! What could better represent an eternal bond of love than beautiful timeless mountains and breathtaking scenery that seem to have been here forever?

Yosemite Elopements

As a Yosemite intimate elopement photographer, I will be honored to suggest several potential Yosemite elopement locations. No need to let this pandemic make your wedding anything less than you deserve! Yosemite is now open! The park requires reservations until November. They are following all guidance from the federal level, CDC, and state and local public health authorities. Read more about the park’s current guidelines here. Are you ready to make your vision of a Yosemite wedding into a reality??  Looking for a photographer that is down to hike with you and capture the natural beauty of the park and your love story? Click here so that we can chat about creating your special day! 

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