Tips for Your Sailboat Couple Photos in Hawaii

the couple on the sailboat together in Hawaii

If you’re craving a fun, unique couples photoshoot that reflects your adventurous personality, this blog post is for you! While taking photos on the beach can be romantic and playful, renting a sailboat adds so much more magic. Check out these incredible Hawaii pictures for your couple photo inspiration below! You’ll also discover my tips to make sure you’re fully prepared for your sailboat photoshoot!

Nastya & Kyle’s Sailboat Pictures for Your Couple Photo Inspiration

We started in the boat, and then all jumped in the water for some underwater photos! We had big swells that day, so we didn’t stay in the water long since the ocean is unpredictable. But it was still so fun, and I would highly recommend it to any adventure couple looking for an incredible experience during their couple photos!

Tips You Need to Know for Your Sailboat Photoshoot

Because this is going to be a core memory of a lifetime!

1. Choosing a Sailboat Rental

There are lots of companies that you can go through to rent your sailboat! I recommend that you try to find one on Viator or Trip Advisor. You usually can find a lot of great options, and it’s a smooth process!

2. Hiring a Photographer That You LOVE

For an incredible experience, hire a photographer that you connect with! When you book with me for your couples photoshoot, I will help you plan it all out! Plus, you’ll be able to also get some really cool underwater photos if you want!

3. Packing Everything You Need

Even if you aren’t usually queasy on a boat, I recommend that you come prepared with motion sickness pills or bracelets just in case! Feeling prepared for any situation will help you feel more relaxed and at ease during our photoshoot. And if you usually get sick on boats? You definitely need to make sure you have those packed! You can also bring sunscreen, a water bottle, towel, or anything else that you would need out in the sun. 

4. Choosing Your Outfit

I know you want to pick out a good looking outfit for your photos, but remember that you’re going to be on a boat. There’s going to be wind and waves, so you aren’t going to want a dress that can fly up at any given moment! You’ll also want to pack a swimsuit that you feel good in for your underwater photos!

Isn’t Nastya’s dress breathtaking? She rented it at Raw and Golden Rentals for this photoshoot!

Valory Evalyn Photography | Hawaii Couples and Elopement Photographer

Check out more couple photo inspiration for your session below!

Are you excited about this couple photo idea?

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