A Classy Boho Big Island Wedding Day in Hawaii

couple posing in hawaii for their wedding photos

Kamren and Christian’s wedding day was a dream! They had a Big Island Wedding in Hawaii at Kona Temple and it was picture perfect. They got married in the Kona Temple. Later they read their vows to each other at their second ceremony at the airbnb they rented in Captain Cook! It started pouring during that but they didn’t even mind and still made the most out of their day. Rain or shine! Capturing these two love birds was an absolute honor. I can’t wait for you to see the rest of this amazing day we had with K + C!

K + C’s Love Story | A Big Island Wedding in Hawaii

“Christian and I met in September of last year at BYU- Idaho in Rexburg. I hadn’t even wanted to attend college in Rexburg but long story short. I had an ex boyfriend who told me I had to go there for college and I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere else.

Anyways, I went to a concert with some girls I met the day after I moved in. After the concert, there was an after party at one of the apartments in town. We met a big group of boys there, with Christian being one of them. At this point in my life, I had completely given up on dating and love and all of that (mostly because of the ex). So I went into college with a ‘hoe life, or no life’ mindset. My first thought when I saw him was- “Oh perfect, I’ll get with him for a night and call it good”. I know it’s awful lol. Well Christian had also came into college freshly out of a two and a half year crazy relationship, so he also was in the hoe life mindset too.

Anyways, we started talking at the party and ended up really hitting it off. Next thing you know, somehow this dude convinced me to date him THE NEXT WEEK. We ended up getting really close really fast. On the first date, we had such a deep conversation. We literally told each other our deepest darkest secrets and shared really personal experiences and stories with each other. We took a lot of trips down to Utah where my family lives to visit and go to other parties down there. Those 8 hour drives provided even more time to get close.

We learned that our lives leading up to now have been super weirdly parallel- I went to Africa to do service in 2021, and he went in 2022. We both grew up performing and singing, we both come from families that have very similar (and weird) traditions, and we both have crazy exes haha. So now, I live in Oahu, and Christian is moving out here next month so we can start our life together!”

Valory Evalyn | Hawaii Wedding + Couples Photographer

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For now, come see the rest of this amazing session we had with K + C below!

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