A Playful Sunrise Honeymoon Photoshoot in Hawaii

A couple posing on the beaches of hawaii for a honeymoon photoshoot

If there’s one thing that can make a honeymoon truly magical, it’s capturing those special moments against the breathtaking backdrop of a Hawaiian sunrise! Saya and Teo decided to make their honeymoon even more memorable with a photoshoot in Hawaii! We had a sunrise photoshoot in Kahana Bay, Oahu. Waking up at the crack of dawn was totally worth it. Come see the amazing moments I captured for these newlyweds!

Making The Most of Your Jet Lag

Hawaii’s time difference can be a blessing for early risers, especially those jetlagged from a cross-country journey. For visitors from the East Coast, where there’s a 6-hour time difference, the early morning hours become surprisingly accessible. The silver lining? The sunrise shoot becomes a lot easier to commit to, and the beaches are blissfully serene without the usual crowds!

Kahana Bay, Oahu | A Sunrise Photoshoot in Hawaii

Kahana Bay, nestled on Oahu’s windward side, provided the perfect canvas for Saya and Teo’s playful and casual photoshoot. The soft, early light added a touch of warmth to their candid moments, creating a filmy, dreamlike quality to the images. The couple’s laughter echoed against the gentle waves, and the vibrant hues of the sunrise painted a gorgeous scene that perfectly showcased the joy of their honeymoon in Hawaii.

Valory Evalyn | Hawaii Wedding + Couples Photographer

Choosing sunrise for a photoshoot is not just about the stunning visuals; it’s a chance to embrace the tranquility of the moment and let the love between two people shine. Saya and Teo’s choice to start their day with a photoshoot not only gave them timeless memories but also allowed them to experience the magic of a Hawaiian sunrise.

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