Carefree Maui Elopement Photography in Lahaina

couple having a beachside elopement in hawaii

Imagine saying “I Do” with the sound of the waves crashing and the golden sun setting over the Horizon. That is exactly what Jaqui and MJ had during their Maui elopement photography session! They had a breathtaking destination wedding on the stunning beaches of Hawaii. Nestled in Lahaina, Maui, they chose the perfect spot toj exchange their vows. I can’t wait for you to see all the special moments I captured for Jaqui and MJ!

A Traditional Hawaii Elopement in Maui

One of the most special aspects of Jaqui and MJ’s elopement was the incorporation of traditional Hawaiian elements into their ceremony. The fragrant Leis around their neck added such an authentic touch to their elopement photos. Every detail was filled with love for the local culture! It was truly a special way to honor the land and it’s people while embarking on their love story during their destination elopement.

But, the magic didn’t stop there! After the ceremony, Jaqui and MJ changed into a more relaxed attire and embraced the carefree spirit of Hawaii. They ventured into the crystal-clear waters at the end of their ceremony to have some fun! It was such a joyous celebration of love among the beautiful shorts of Maui.

Valory Evalyn | Maui Elopement Photography + Couples Photographer

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