Redwood Grove Wedding | Berkeley Botanical Garden, CA

Redwood Grove Wedding

This Redwood Grove Wedding at Berkeley Botanical Gardens was so romantic! This is one of those wedding venues that is truly breathtaking. It’s got the feel of an elopement but with plenty of space for lots of guests in the amphitheater! The forest can be the most enchanting wedding backdrop, and with the right vendors your day will truly be a fairytale!! Ginny and Gran’t did such a great job at cultivating a wedding experience that their guests will never forget!

Their Story

“We met when we were just 11-12 years old (in 7th grade) and quickly became good friends. After parting ways for high school after 8th grade, as we both went to different high schools and lost touch until about 10th grade when we started talking again via MSN messenger. We reconnected and chatted for hours a day for several days, until finally we decided to “hang out” in person. After a few weeks of seeing each other in person we naturally just started “dating”. We grew up together, went through highs and lows together, and went on a lot of adventures together.

“We grew up together, went through highs and lows together, and went on a lot of adventures together.”

Later on we went to the same undergrad school, graduated and then backpacked Southeast Asia for 3 months, then went to the same grad school. We moved to California (from Canada) together shortly after graduation, and this is where we both started our careers. One day, in California, we hiked Mount Whitney and managed to summit it after 3 days of hiking. It was at the summit Grant proposed to Ginny…only 15 years after they started dating. Ginny later learned at that moment that when Grant had previously summited Mount Whitney in the past (at this point this was his 3rd time climbing Mount Whitney), he had written in the summit log “Ginny will you marry me?”, hoping she’d see it the day they summit Mount Whitney together (unfortunately the log book was replaced and it was no longer there haha!).”

Redwood Grove Wedding

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The Vendors

Ceremony Venue: Stephen T. Mather’s Redwood Grove

Reception: Berkeley Botanical Garden

Makeup: Krystal Art

Catering: Trumpet Vine Catering

Cake: Sweet Adeline Bakeshop

Arch Altar: The Arch Guy

Planner: Janette Najar

DJ: DJ Celeste

Wedding dress: Trudy’s Brides

 Groom’s attire: Enzo Custom

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