Mt. Shasta Engagement | Bunny Flat, CA

Sunrise engagement shoot at Mt. Shasta, CA
Sunrise engagement shoot at Mt. Shasta, CA

How they met

Jonathan and Laurel are two of my close friends, so it was lots of fun getting to do their Mt. Shasta engagement photos! They met at my birthday party, and then got to know each other because I invited Laurel to join a home-group that Jonathan’s parents were hosting. So I definitely deserve some credit for them getting together because if it wasn’t for me, they wouldn’t have met!  

The Location

They are both very adventurous and love the mountains, so it only makes sense that we would do a Mt. Shasta engagement shoot! We live in Redding, CA, and Mt. Shasta is only about an hour drive north of us. First we went to Bunny Flat for sunrise. That’s a great spot because they plow the road all year round, so even in the winter you can go up there for fun snowy shoots! It is so beautiful, and even though we were there in June there was still some snow on the mountain. We were freezing cold, and had to take a break and blast the heat in the car for a few minutes. We had to wait forever for the sun to peek over the mountain, but it was so worth it! 

Tips for a great shoot

Jonathan and Laurel also really wanted to get some photos in the forest. So we went to a spot  they had driven past lots of times, and always thought it looked so magical. It turned out to be a perfect spot! They changed outfits and brought a blanket and his guitar for some props. They felt so comfortable and like themselves! Photos always turn out the best when the couple is able to feel relaxed and like themselves. That’s when I’m able to capture the candid moments of them enjoying their love for each other. One way to help create that natural environment is bringing props that help show what the couple likes to do. Another thing that helps is when the couple wears outfits that they are comfortable in, and make them feel confident. 

This shoot turned out so well, and was exactly what they had envisioned! 

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