Why You Should Consider Having a Mid-Day Photoshoot at Kailua Beach

the couple running out of the water holding hands

Don’t underestimate how cute mid-day photos can be! With Ellie and Isaiah, we adventured around the Lanikai and Kailua beach area in Oahu, Hawaii for a fun couples photoshoot. They jumped in the water, played in the sand, and had a great time! Continue reading to see what your mid-day couples session could look like below!

Middle of the Day Photos vs. Sunset Pictures

Everyone loves to get sunset photos, but what about the middle of the day light at the beach? I love this light because the water is SO BLUE, and it really shows off Hawaii’s beautiful colors!  Sunset is great if you want warm, glowy light, but you definitely won’t get blue water like this at that time! Mid-day is also perfect since you can get in the water and cool off during your shoot which makes for cute photos! Sunset pictures can be romantic, warm, and dreamy, and mid-day pictures can be vibrant, unique, and FUN!

A Plan for Excellent Photos in the Lanikai & Kailua Beach Area 

Alright, so instead of needing to choose between mid-day photos and sunset photos, you can choose BOTH! If you book an adventure shoot, we can start mid-day, and then end at sunset so you get the best of both lighting!! Doesn’t that sound like an excellent plan? You will get such a variety of incredible photos at the same spot! How fun!

Valory Evalyn Photography | Hawaii Elopement & Couples Photographer

Check out more fun photos from this Kailua Beach session below!

Interested in working together for a fun photoshoot around the Lanikai and Kailua beach area? 

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