Why Content Days Are So Important as a Hawaii Photographer

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You’ve probably heard about content days, but why are they so important? Is it worth the investment for your photography business? In this blog post, discover how content days have allowed me to become a full time Hawaii photographer. Plus, you’ll learn how I continue to witness how content days can change and elevate your business! 

What are content days?

Before we dive straight in, you should be confident in what a content day is! It’s a day full of creating content for your photography portfolio! Typically, there are multiple styled shoots planned for you to gain more experience, grow in your skills, and expand your photographer community. Content days are great because you’re able to practice your photography without the stress and the pressure from your clients. You’re able to try new techniques and be creative, learn from the others that are there, and shoot for FUN! 

How Content Days Can Impact Your Business

Because you’re able to choose what content days you want to be a part of, you’re strategically growing your portfolio to attract your ideal clients! When you post the photos and showcase your portfolio, you are inviting potential clients to see themselves in your work. Then, they want to book with you!!! One content day can allow you to attract the clients you’ve been dreaming of working with, boost your confidence as you gain more experience, and provide you with an incredible network of other photographers! The investment is DEFINITELY worth it. 

Content Day in Oahu Hawaii

These photos showcased in this blog are all from a content day I participated in at Kahana Bay Beach Park in Oahu! After I attended this content day, I was able to switch my marketing to attract clients who wanted to book photoshoots, elopements, and weddings in Hawaii. I booked so many weddings from it! So much so that I am moving to Hawaii!! Content days have allowed me to become a full time Hawaii photographer, and I know that they can elevate your business too!

Craving a Creative & Restful Retreat with Other Photographers? 

There are tons of options for you for amazing workshops with education and content days! And while I absolutely love those, I realized that our industry needs more retreats too. There are so many incredible locations I’ve been to for content days or workshops that I never got to explore because we were so busy shooting non stop at every cool location, or inside half of the time learning. I decided to start photography retreats with the invitation to play and EXPERIENCE the amazing location (swimming, snorkeling, hiking, and SO much more!). And of course, because we’re photographers, also having the opportunity to shoot! You can learn more about my retreats here

Valory Evalyn | Hawaii Photographer for Couples, Elopements, & Weddings 

Here are some more photos from the content day in Hawaii below for your inspiration!

What would a content day mean for you as a destination or Hawaii photographer?

If you want to start attracting clients in a certain location, or grow in your community to make photographer friends to support and encourage your journey, you should invest in content day! It transformed my business, and I know it can transform yours too. Interested in joining one of my retreats? Join my waitlist!

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