Hawaii Best Time to Visit for Your Elopement or Destination Wedding

the couple kissing in Hawaii during their elopement

Are you planning your elopement or destination wedding in Hawaii? And now you need to know if your dream wedding date and the weather in Hawaii is going to be a perfect fit? Keep reading this blog post for the Hawaii best time to visit for the dreamy, beautiful weather you want to have for your wedding! 

Guess What…

There isn’t a bad time to elope in Hawaii! Unlike pretty much every other state, Hawaii has relatively consistent, beautiful weather. From my experience as a Hawaii wedding and elopement photographer, you can’t go wrong in choosing your wedding date in Hawaii. While it does get warmer in the summer months (and slightly less rain), the weather is amazing year round!

Hawaii Best Time to Visit

The Hawaii best time to visit depends on your ideal temperature and how you feel about the tourist season. Winter months can be more rainy (but still on and off) and are typically in the 70s. In the summer, it is busier with tourists, so there can be more traffic on beaches and in popular locations. However, it is still a wonderful time to elope with the 80s-90s weather! It rains on and off all year in Hawaii (even in the summer), so you can also see rainbows most days! 

Valory Evalyn | Hawaii Elopement & Wedding Photographer

Check out more photos from this styled Hawaii elopement below!

When are you planning your Hawaii elopement?

Isn’t it so freeing to know that whenever your wedding is, the weather and views of Hawaii are going to be incredible? If you’re still searching for a Hawaii wedding and elopement photographer, let me know when your wedding date is on my contact form! I can’t wait to capture timeless photos of you and your love here in Hawaii! For more Hawaii wedding inspiration, you can check out my Pinterest and these blog posts full of tips and insight!

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