Playful Couples Photos on the Beach in Oahu, Hawaii

Couple posing for their photos on the beach in oahu

We had so much fun with Jaden and Momo for their couples photos on the beach in Oahu! We embarked on a fun and playful mini photoshoot at the breathtaking Lanikai Beach in Oahu. Jaden and Momo created cherished memories and capturing the beauty of their bond. Jaden and Momo are actually a long distance couple. Momo lives in Japan and Jaden lives here in Oahu! This was such a special moment for them to capture their love and keep it alive. Come see the rest of this amazing day we had with this lovely couple!

A Playful Mini Couples Session on Lanikai Beach

Lanikai Beach has earned its reputation as one of the most picturesque beaches in the world, and for good reason! With its powdery white sand, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and a backdrop of lush greenery, it serves as the perfect canvas for a romantic photoshoot. It was so fun being able to capture Jaden and Momo’s love here! They drawn to its allure, not only for its scenic beauty but also for the unique lighting conditions that the beach offers during sunrise.

A Golden Hour Session on the Island of Oahu

This session was shot at 5:40am! That is the only time of day on this beach that you will get this beautiful golden backlight. When you book with me, I have a location guide that I send to my clients that says what time of day is best at each location based on the light at different times of day at different sides of the island. The sunrise is totally worth getting up at the crack of dawn! The golden hour light adds such a mystical touch to these couples photos on the beach!

Valory Evalyn Photography | Hawaii Wedding + Couples Photographer

By choosing the perfect location and time, we were able to capture breathtaking images for Jaden and Momo that will serve as a lasting reminder of their connection and the memories they created together! If you are ready to plan an epic sunrise couples photoshoot in Oahu, then head over to my contact page so we can get started!

Come see the rest of this amazing beach session with Jaden and Momo below.

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