An Intimate and Stress Free Wedding Elopement in Hawaii

couple posing for their elopement photos in hawaii

Big weddings aren’t for everyone, and thats okay! Save the stress of having a huge wedding and opt for a romantic and stress free wedding elopement in Hawaii. This couple inquired with me only 2 weeks before their date! That’s how low-key and relaxed their day was. They skipped the stress of planning everything for a year or more and got a beautiful affordable dress and suit online and just did it!! The best part about an elopement in Hawaii, is you don’t even need a venue! There’s tons of places you can go and just get a cheap permit. Come see how Melinda and Bilal’s stress free wedding day in Hawaii turned out!

Why M + B Decided To Have a Stress Free Wedding Elopement

“We’ve been together since July 2019 and got engaged in Jan 2021. It was a surprise proposal in 30A, Florida while on a family vacation where he enlisted the help of my family (minus my mom who would accidentally spill the beans) to pull it off! There were lots of happy tears and champagne after! Last month, he suggested we elope in Hawaii since we will be here for vacation and to visit my sister who is currently stationed here. I thought he was crazy and I was a little hesitant because I wasn’t “wedding ready” and needed more time. But he thought it would be nice to have this moment just for ourselves and to be spontaneous while also not having to deal with any family pressures/wedding craziness. So here we are now, quickly planning our secret elopement!”

Valory Evalyn Photography | Hawaii Elopement + Couples Photographer

Are you planning a destination elopement in Hawaii? I’d love to be by your side and shoot your whole day! Let me capture your stress free elopement in Hawaii so you always have these special memories to look back on. Head over to my contact page and we will be in touch!

Come see the rest of these magical photos I captured for M + B!

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