How can I book you?

Just go fill out my booking form and I will get back to you within a few hours (unless I’m traveling or somewhere without phone service) and we can make a customized package to fit your specific needs, sign the contract and pay a retainer of only $1,000 and you’ll be booked! Easy peasy!

How long until we get our photos back?

You’ll get all of your wedding photos back within 6-8 weeks! But I also have an option to add-on “extra speedy” editing which means you’ll get them all in only 2-3 weeks!! Basically the Amazon Prime add on haha!

How many photos will we get back?

For weddings you will get at least 50 images per hour of coverage! So for 8 hours of coverage you would get at least 400 back. For engagements I promise at least 75 photos back from the session!

Do you give raws or unedited images back?

Nope, I don’t! Editing is half the process/ magic that goes into all of the images, and without that huge step the images are only halfway done. I wouldn’t want to send something to you that’s not done!

Help! We’re awkward in front of the camera.

DON’T WORRY ABOUT THIS AT ALL! I will direct you and talk you through it the whole time. I have tons of prompts up my sleeve so that you’ll look like naturals! I photograph people who are camera shy allllllllll the time. Seriously don’t worry about this!! I got you 🙂

Should we add a second shooter?

This is really up to you! Having a second shooter means that you’ll get more photos in your wedding gallery simply because more photos are being taken! Sometimes you’ll even get the same exact moment from two different angles which is always fun. Second shooters are also a great option when you’re having a large wedding! Having a second shooter is definitely really helpful!

Does it cost to have you travel to our wedding?

I actually include all travel fees in the customized packages that I will send you! So there won’t be any extra charges 🙂